VCA stands in solidarity with Francophones in Vanier and across the province

The Vanier Community Association, a francophone community in Ontario, deplores the recent announcements from the Government of Ontario, on Thursday, November 15th, 2019 to abolish the Ontario’s Office of the French Language Services Commissioner and cancel the project to build a French-language University.

Francophones are an integral part of the Vanier, Ottawa and provincial community, and one of the founding people of Canada, Ontario and Vanier. Therefore, the Vanier Community Association stands in solidarity with francophones in Vanier, and across the province in upholding access to French Language services.

The VCA continues to collaborate with community associations in Ottawa, francophone organizations such as l’Association Canadienne Française de l’Ontario et l’Assemblée de la Francophonie de l’Ontario, and our members of the Provincial and Federal Parliaments to work to ensure the protection of French language rights in the Province of Ontario and the francophone community. We also continue to work with all elected officials in this regard.

If you would like to get involved with the VCA Francophonie Committee and/or the Vanier Community Association, please contact us by email: