By-Law: VCA asks for more officers and a more proactive approach

VCA presented before the Community and Protective Service Committee following the report published by KPMG about by-law services. We requested :

  • More resources be allocated to Ward 12 and 14 who receive by far the highest request for services
  • Services adopt a more proactive approach and reallocate staff to other departments when demands are low
  • Services move away from a punitive approach to adopt a more constructive approach (City of Hamilton’s approach) that focuses on behaviour change.
  • More staff. We calculated that the City of Ottawa received 74,000 complaints in 2018, which represents 65% of the complaints received by the City of Toronto, but we have 1/3 of the staff to respond to complaints.

We welcome the Committee’s motion to increase the hire 22FTE, however we hope that the department will adopt a more proactive approach.