Montreal Rd. Revitalization

The City of Ottawa has completed the 18-month long detail design phase of the Montreal Road corridor and are now proceeding with the construction scheduled to start in June 2019.

The ultimate vision for Montreal Road is to construct a vibrant and welcoming main street with a well-balanced transportation network that will allow residents and businesses to thrive. To achieve this vision, some of the following above ground and underground improvements are proposed:

  • Construct a three-lane cross-section between Vanier Parkway and St. Laurent Boulevard that includes two westbound lanes, one eastbound lane and cycling tracks/lanes in both directions.
  • Bury overhead Hydro lines between North River Road and L’Eglise Street.
  • Implement streetscaping features along Montreal Road, including but not limited to new street furniture, streetlights, trees, concrete sidewalks and paver stones.
  • Review and improve bus stop and bus shelter locations.
  • Replace the existing watermain between North River Road and St. Laurent Boulevard.
  • Replace sanitary and storm sewers along certain sections of Montreal Road.

As part of the Montreal Road project, the 560 metre long section of North River Road (north of Montreal Road) is planned for reconstruction. The proposed works include replacement of the watermain, sanitary sewers and road drainage modifications.

Project timing

Project construction is scheduled to start in late May/early June 2019 beginning with utility burial and upgrade works. A general summary of the construction timelines and project staging are as follows:

  • Year 1 (2019) – Burial of overhead hydro power lines and other utility work on Montreal Road between North River Road and L’Eglise Street.
  • Year 2 (2020) – Continued utility work including hydro burial as well as watermain and sewer construction on Montreal Road and North River Road (Montreal Road to north cul-de-sac). Complete section of Montreal Road between North River Road and the Vanier Parkway.
  • Year 3 (2021) – Continued watermain, sewer and road work on Montreal Road between the Vanier Parkway and St Laurent Boulevard.
  • Year 4 (2022) – Landscape and streetscape work as well as final lift of asphalt pavement on Montreal Road.