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VCA releases Cultural Strategy report

Culture in Action is one of six key projects under Vision Vanier, an umbrella initiative aimed at providing a coordinated communications and engagement approach to city projects for residents, businesses, community associations and other key stakeholders.

The goal of the Vanier Cultural Revitalization Strategy – Culture in Action is to create a strategy to improve the quality of life of Vanier residents. This project began with a series of discussions with residents in 2019. The goal is ultimately a collaboration between residents, cultural workers, organizations and all municipal services to create a powerful tool for sustainable development: a strategy to improve the artistic, heritage and cultural life of residents through incentives, partnerships, support programs, new governance and programming. This type of strategy has been used by many cities around the world.

In the spring and summer of 2021, 150 residents shared their opinions over a series of themed consultation sessions, held by the VCA and the City of Ottawa. The results are summarized below, and this feedback will inform the creation of a strategy, to be co-created between the City and Vanier residents.

A giant thanks to all the participants and stay tuned for the next steps!