Snowflake Breakfast 2022: $53,000 for the Partage Vanier Food Bank!

Quartier Vanier, Ottawa – This morning, members of the community gathered for the 17th edition of the Snowflake Breakfast, a fundraiser for the Partage Vanier Food Bank of the Vanier Community Services Centre.

Image of student choir singing at the 2022 Snowflake breakfast

In the present economical context, the 30% increase in users as well as the generalized increase in food prices is creating huge pressure on the Partage Vanier Food Bank to fill the basic food needs of its users. Organizers were overjoyed at the news that the event had surpassed the initial $45,000 goal and were grateful of the generosity and the mutual support that defines this community.

For many, the return to an in-person format for this very festive event was very appreciated as for others were happy with the breakfast box delivery option. In total, 350 people came out to the Snowflake Breakfast and 515 people received delivered breakfast boxes offered in partnership with the Vanier BIA.

During the event, the Vanier CSC’s executive director, Andrée-Anne Martel, took the time to recognize Mathieu Fleury’s implication in the Vanier community over the past 12 years. The new mayor, Mark Sutcliffe did the same, and was impressed by the incredible generosity towards this important cause. The new city councillor for Rideau-Vanier Stephanie Plante, the provincial MP Lucille Collard as well as the federal MP Mona Fortier joined in support for the cause.

The organizing committee would like to thank the Centre Pauline-Charron, Chartwell Residences, the Vanier Museopark and the Vanier BIA for their dedication to the important cause of the Vanier CSC’s Partage Vanier Food Bank. The Vanier CSC would like to thank the media partners for the event, TVRogers and Unique FM as well as the volunteers of the Changer ma communauté of the Collège catholique Samuel-Genest (CECCE) and the choir of the Centre d’excellence artistique de l’Ontario of the École secondaire publique De La Salle (CEPEO).


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