About VCA

Vanier Community Association (VCA)

We are a not-for-profit, volunteer-led group of local citizens who are eager to make a difference by working with you or on your behalf to protect and enhance the quality of life enjoyed by residents, business owners, employees and visitors to our neighbourhood of Vanier, Ontario.

Our 2020-2021 Priorities:

  1. Uphold the Vanier Community Association’s (VCA’s) objectives (as per the by-laws):
    • Promoting the best interests of the community;
    • Acting as a voice for the membership and the community as a whole;
    • Organizing workshops, programs or events for the benefit of the membership and citizens of Vanier;
    • Collaborating with other community organizations; and
    • Pursuing the ongoing development of the Association (i.e. human resources, resources, communication, fundraising, CRA status, membership)
  2. Advocate for and rally community services, elected officials, and other community stakeholders to address poverty and related access to affordable housing (i.e. Housing Lab, IBM Food security Initiative, Housing First Symposium), local health and other community support services.
  3. Advocate alongside residents and community stakeholders with respect to the Salvation Army’s proposed project on the Site Plan and Programming Advisory Committee.
  4. Engage with community stakeholders and residents to develop a vision for our community.
  5. Provide guidance and support to the various committees and working groups consistent with the Boards’ priorities.
    • 5.1.  Reach out to residents of Vanier to increase engagement, build social capital and celebrate diversity. (Engagement Working Group)
    • 5.2.  Facilitate city and community dialogue and seek city planning decisions that reflect a Vanier vision and ensure effective and responsive infrastructure development for present and future generations. (Sustainable Development and Transportation Committee)
    • 5.3.  Promote crime prevention and community safety initiatives. (Vanier Safety Committee)
    • 5.4.  Beautify and green our neighbourhood, and support the establishment and revitalization of parks and public spaces. (Parks, Recreation and Beautification Committee)
    • 5.5.   Engage Francophones and Francophiles in Vanier to promote and celebrate Vanier’s Francophone heritage, culture and diversity, and to build on it to strengthen Vanier’s community. (Francophone Committee)

Board of directors

2021/2022 Board Members

  • Lauren Touchant
  • Chris Greenshields
  • Suzanne Lépine
  • Johanne Leroux
  • Jenni Campbell
  • Rose Anne Leonard
  • Nicole McRae
  • Samantha Cameron-Ellins

Executive Committee

  • Lauren Touchant – President
  • Chris Greenshields – Vice-President
  • Suzanne Lépine – Treasurer
  • Johanne Leroux – Secretary

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