Beautification, Parks and Recreation

Calling all eco-warriors, plant parents, gentle gardeners and everyone green in between!

The Parks, Recreation and Beautification Committee works to make Vanier a better place to play and stay. What does that mean? We adopt local parks, organize community clean-ups and tree giveaways, fill public planters with gorgeous flowers, and help plan movies in the park. We also advise the City regarding Vanier’s unique needs for parks and recreation programs.

If you want to get your hands dirty (literally!), this is the committee for you.

JOIN US by dropping in on any meeting or check out our current volunteer needs!

Pollinator Garden

Check out the NEW Nault Park pollinator garden!

A project of the Vanier Community Association Beautification Committee

Illustration: Yin yang symbol with a monarch butterfly and a bee on one side, and a flower on the other side.