Vanier’s Francophiles and Francophones unite in the Francophonie Committee. Our raison d’être? To promote and celebrate our language, identity, culture and diversity. Our members, who come from all over the world, have organized dozens of activities, such as franco karaoke, French-language 5 à 7 in local bars and restaurants, coffee chats with French political candidates, International Francophonie Day festivities, Franco-Ontarian Day celebrations, as well as many art and musical events.

While in-person gatherings have been limited during the pandemic, we have continued to promote the French language and our franco fierté through live-streamed performances. Our members are eagerly preparing the official reopening of the Carré de la Francophonie de Vanier, newly revitalized along with Montreal Road.

As you may have guessed, the Francophonie Committee works primarily en français. Au plaisir!

Join us by dropping in on any meeting or check out our current volunteer needs!

The committee’s annual action plan is here : Plan d’action CFV 11-09-18