The committee meets on the first Thursday of every month

Committee Name: Vanier Francophonie and the recognition of the heritage of its French Quarter Committee —Vanier Community Association (VCA)


Type: Permanent

Chair:  Johanne Leroux

Responsible To: The association’s Board of directors on a monthly basis

Official title: Vanier Francophonie and the recognition of the heritage of its French Quarter Committee —Vanier Community Association (VCA)

Usage Title: For communication purposes, we shall make reference in conformance with the usage title, which is the Vanier Francophonie Committee (VFC)

Mission: Promote, revitalize and support the French-speaking character of Vanier, in particular the French Quarter and its Francophonie, by collaborative efforts with the residents of the sector, community partners, the various levels of government and the City of Ottawa services.

Vision: The Francophonie and the French Quarter of Vanier are prosperous, dynamic and establishes a gathering place residents and visitors.

Mandate: The Vanier Francophonie Committee is an ad hoc committee of the Vanier Community Association, open to Francophones (from all nations and all countries of the world) and Francophiles. The Committee is formed of a group of Vanier residents committed to the vitality, to the viability and to highlighting of the Francophonie in the Vanier community. The committee facilitates the coordination of activities, supplies an open forum for Francophones and Francophiles and, to this end, provides advice to the Association.

Membership: The Committee and its meetings are open to all Vanier residents.


The Vanier Francophonie Committee has set the following goals:

  1. In the spirit of collaboration and of gathering, to engage the various Francophones and Francophiles communities in Vanier in promotional activities and the protection of their identity within the Francophonie;
  2. Celebrate the Vanier francophone heritage, culture and diversity; and
  3. Develop collaborative links with various partners to promote the economic, social and cultural development that reflects Vanier’s francophone character.

Vanier Francophonie Committee Structure:

The Vanier Francophonie Committee meetings will be held every two months or, on a more regular basis, based on the activities and emerging files.

It is hoped that the committee members are responsible, co-responsible or active participants in at least one of the Committee’s activities, such as established in the action plan.

In accordance with article 8.4 of the statutes and regulations of the Vanier Community Association, the Vanier Francophonie Committee will determine its internal functioning, while remaining subject to the directives which can be given by the Association’s Board of Directors.

The Vanier Francophonie Committee will, be chaired by a member representing the Vanier Community Association’s Board of Directors. A member elected within the Vanier Francophonie Committee will serve as Vice-President. The mandates are limited to two years, but are renewable.

The Vanier Francophonie Committee’s key decisions and strategies must be approved by the majority of the Committee members who answer (either in person, by telephone or by other means of telecommunication) within the prescribed period.

The Vanier Francophonie Committee shall provide a report during the Vanier Community Association’s monthly meetings and the Association’s Annual General Meeting (article 8.5 of the VCA’s statutes and regulations of VCA). The mandates are limited to two years, but they are renewable.

The Vanier Francophonie Committee members are not required to be part of the Vanier Community Association, but are invited to join.

Language of Work: The main working language of the Committee is French. However, official documents and communications will be conveyed in both official languages to the Vanier Community Association and to the media.

Mode of communication and invitations to the meetings: The presidency will communicate with the Vanier Community Association members through email and social media.

Pour voir le plan d’action du comité francophone, cliquez sur le lien suivant : Action Plan VFC 07-01-22

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