Parks, Recreation and Beautification Committee

Committee Name: Parks, Recreation and Beautification Committee

Type: Standing

Chair: Nicole McRae

Responsible To: The Vanier Community Association’s Board of Directors, on a monthly basis

Purpose: Working in collaboration with residents, property owners and the City of Ottawa, the Committee seeks to maintain and improve public spaces within Vanier. The Committee collaborates with the Safety and Security Committee to raise and take action on safety issues through environmental design.

Timeframes: From September – June; meeting frequency determined by the needs of the committee or as requested by the Board.

Composition of committee: Residents of Vanier and VCA Board Members

Participating Board Members:  Nicole McRae

Specific Areas of Responsibility:

Maintain and update traffic calming planter inventory. Work with the City of Ottawa to ensure the planters are in good physical condition and ensure Planter Stewards (volunteers!) have the resources they need to maintain and beautify their planters!

Partner with the City of Ottawa to organize spring and autumn Clean the Capital events for Vanier, by registering the VCA as a group, ensuring clean up kits are available locally and coordinating events (like an appreciation BBQ) with partners such as the Vanier Community Services Centre.

Organize an annual plant exchange for Vanier residents in coordination with existing events such as Velo-Vanier. This event has been a huge success!

Promote awareness about the Vanier Tree Strategy and work to improve accessibility to programs that support increased tree density within Vanier (ie/ we help you get access to free trees!). Coordinate with the VCA’s Sustainable Development and Transportation (SD&T) Committee to provide feedback on the Vanier Tree Strategy.

Work with Ottawa ByLaw Services and the City of Ottawa on an ad-hoc basis to address problematic garbage and refuse issues.

Work with Ottawa ByLaw Services and local businesses to ensure abandoned shopping carts are returned to the place of business in a timely manner.

Liaise between Park Stewards (volunteers!), the Safety and Security Committee and the City of Ottawa to ensure the parks within Vanier are well maintained, vibrant and safe for all residents to enjoy.

Engage with the City of Ottawa in park renewal initiatives within Vanier. For example, in coordination with the Sustainable Development and Transportation (SD&T) Committee, the Parks, Recreation and Beautification Committee has provided input on the current Riverain Park Revitalization. See:

Lead engagements on behalf of the Vanier Community Association with respect to the City of Ottawa’s programming renewal in parks and recreational facilities within Vanier. See:

Partner with the Vanier Community Services Centre, Bobby’s Table and Councillor Fleury’s to coordinate annual movies in the park.

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