Committee Name: Vanier Safety Committee

Type: Ad hoc committee

Chair: Lauren Touchant

Responsible To: The association Board of directors on a monthly basis

Purpose: To contribute to enhanced community safety and Crime Prevention in Vanier through collaborative efforts with our neighbours, community partners and city services.

Timeframes: From September to June; meeting frequency determined by the needs of the committee or as requested by the Board.

Composition of committee: Residents of Vanier and VCA Board Members

Participating Board Members: Lauren Touchant, Lucie Marleau, Vianney Calixte, Barra Thiom

Specific Areas of Responsibility

  1. Implement targeted safety, well-being, and beautification initiatives and events in the neighbourhood;
  2. Work collaboratively with stakeholders towards the common goal of overall community safety;
  3. Provide a platform for residents to discuss, and share information on, key issues affecting public safety and security in the community;
  4. Raise awareness about crime trends in Vanier;
  5. Conduct, collect information, and support research/surveys on key issues affecting public safety;
  6. Advocate for, and implement, crime prevention and enforcement measures in Vanier based on reliable data and information;
  7. Develop and disseminate crime prevention and safety information and tools to raise awareness to the community at large.

You can consult our Action plan here : VSC WP updated September 2018

Safety Forum 2019:

Presentation from Crime Prevention Ottawa : Crime Prevention Ottawa

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