Sustainable Development and Transportation

Meet every First Monday of the month.

Committee Name: Sustainable Development and Transportation (SD&T)

Type: Standing

Chair: Chris Greenshields

Responsible To: The association Board of directors on a monthly basis

Mission: Work to improve Vanier’s built and natural environments by collaborating with our neighbors, community partners and municipal departments.

Vision: A thriving, family-friendly, inclusive and safe community for all citizens who live, work and play in Vanier.

Timeframes: From September to June; meeting frequency determined by the needs of the committee or as requested by the Board.

Composition of committee: Residents of Vanier and VCA Board Members

Participating Board Members:


  1. Working with other stakeholders, assess the development needs in Vanier, including but not limited to: redevelopment of abandoned, blighted or neglected commercial areas;
  2. Contribute to the input and advice from the community on new projects or redevelopment to ensure that the scale of development fits well with: the surrounding community; land use and zoning provisions; parks, green space and environmental issues; transportation infrastructure (bus routes, bike paths, sidewalks, etc.);
  3. Ensure that projects are planned and implemented in a manner that identifies and addresses elements of concern;
  4. Develop and implement an annual strategy for working with other stakeholders and decision-makers on development in Vanier


Contribute to the development of a community vision for Vanier by:

  • working with the Vanier BIA, other committees of the VCA, the VCSC, the Healthy Transportation Coalition and other community groups, as well as with the Rideau-Vanier Councillor and City of Ottawa staff, including in the context of the City’s implementation of its Vision Vanier initiative;
  • promoting community engagement, information exchange and identification of community best practices, by organizing discussions on community development;
  • developing a strategy as per the committee’s mandate as a broad framework to assess development trends and proposals, in response to a new City of Ottawa Official Plan, the any revisions of secondary/community development plans affecting Vanier.

In the context of a coordinated implementation of the City’s Vision Vanier and in support of community initiatives

  • Coordinate and provide community input into the Montreal Road Revitalization Project;
  • Develop thinking about post-completion of the Montreal Road reconstruction with a view to promoting the animation, beautification and development of Montreal Road as community space consistent with the project mission statement;
  • Coordinate and provide community input to programs and projects in Vanier, which have been implemented under the Building Better Neighbourhoods (BBN) initiative;
  • Coordinate and provide community input to the City and OC Transpo concerning planning and delivery of transit in Vanier, following the launch of Ottawa’s LRT and to work with the Healthy Transportation Coalition and other transit user groups in this regard.

Work Plan:

  • On-going review and support for the implementation of the Vanier Traffic Calming and Safe Connectivity/Walkability Strategy, including to:
    • address the traffic impacts of the redevelopment of Vanier’s west sector;
    • impact of traffic diversions related to Montreal Road reconstruction on adjoining streets;
    • cycling connectivity including Vanier Parkway and the Rideau River multi-use pathway (MUP); lobbying for the Cummings Bridge underpass;
    • improvements to Beechwood/Hemlock corridor in concert with the Beechwood Village Alliance;
    • address barriers to walkability
  • Continued engagement with the City and Vanier community concerning the Montreal Road Revitalization Project with a particular focus in the second year of construction and community impacts related to the construction;
    • further design work especially with respect to the expected completion of North River Road in 2021; intersection improvements; traffic management (speed limits, traffic signals) and progress in the development applications affecting adjoining properties in Vanier’s west sector;
    • public art planning;
    • community electronic bulletin board;
  • Engagement on the New official plan and its relationship to Vanier including:
    • to guide community engagement on the draft Plan and in parallel contribute to development of a vision outlined in L’Avenir VANIER Future;
    • to address Vanier as a 15-minute neighbourhood and identify gaps;
    • review Vanier’s need for additional parks and green spaces;
  • Building Better Revitalized Neighbourhoods (BBRN) based on its key strategic areas:
    • Trees & Beautification;
    • McArthur Area development study;
    • Shared Use of School Amenities;
    • Public Realm & Right-of-way (ROW);
    • St Laurent Blvd
  • Monitoring the implementation of new R4 zoning and engage with the City concerning its zoning work plan;
  • Monitoring and engagement on transit issues including the construction detour, changed bus stops and scheduling; consultation with the Ottawa Transit Riders Association;
  • Continued development and implementation of Vanier tree canopy strategy in the context of a broader City canopy strategy;
  • Engagement in concert with other VCA committees with the City concerning Phase II of the Riverain Park redevelopment and its eventual oversight and stewardship;
  • Continued engagement on development and variance applications, including in the context of pre-application consultations;
  • Monitoring and engagement with the Federation of Civic Associations (FCA) especially the FCA Planning and Zoning Committee;

Structure of the SD&T Committee

The SD&T Committee is chaired by a Chair–a member of the Vanier Community Association Board of Directors–and a Co-Chair. Meetings are open to all Vanier residents. The committee normally meets on the first Monday of the month, depending on ongoing projects and emerging issues. Please note that some work is done by email. Where appropriate, key decisions and strategies are approved by a majority of the members of the SD&T Committee present (in person or by email) at the time a decision is requested.

The SD&T Committee reports on priority issues at the monthly meetings of the Vanier Community Association and at the annual general meeting of the VCA

Meeting Minutes


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