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R4 review final – VCA commentaires

Vanier Safety Audit (Vanier North)


Vanier Communication Association (VCA) Submission on Proliferation of Cannabis Retail Stores and Effects on Vulnerable communities in Ottawa

Cannabis Paper – Vanier final

September 2018 – Letter of concerns related to recent Route#12 change

OC Transpo letter

June 2017.

Statement on the Salvation Army’s planned project at 333 Montreal Road

Over the past few weeks, many VCA board members and members at large have been engaged in several community committees to build an evidence-based response to the Salvation Army’s proposal on 333 Montreal Road. The VCA favours an effective program to support homeless individuals, including appropriate shelters, but we do not support the model proposed by the Salvation Army. Instead, we applaud the work that is accomplished by our 12 small shelters on a daily basis in Vanier, as they embrace what we believe are the most effective ways to support homeless individuals and end chronic homelessness; the Housing First Model.

As pointed out by many experts at the Housing First Symposium in Vanier, the over concentration of shelters in one area (12 in Vanier) will foster acute chronic homelessness as well as have negative socio-economic impact on the community at large. Therefore, we ask the City of Ottawa to take into consideration factors of socio-economic impacts on families, children, businesses, seniors, and French culture to ensure the quality of life of all residents as the City has committed to in the 2012 Plan for Sustainability and Resilience. We also urge the City of Ottawa to respect its commitment to endorse the housing First Model Paradigm in its policies and initiatives. While the City of Ottawa has officially endorsed the Housing First Model in its 10-year Housing and Homelessness Plan, we see limited evidence of a broad-based implementation of the model, although we are encouraged by recent steps just in the last two years with provincial funding, for example, through the John Howard Society. Moreover, as a service manager, the City has the responsibility to ensure that service delivery agencies respect the standards and criteria set and endorsed by the City of Ottawa. It is also important to note that many cities (Toronto, Washington, Winnipeg, Halifax, Washington, San Francisco, Paris) and countries (Australia, United States, France) are moving away from mega shelters to implement the Housing First model, unfortunately the City of Ottawa is not demonstrating any leadership to implement the Housing First Model. Considering this evidence, we request the suspension of the current proposal review and ask for a moratorium on all new shelters until the City considers the related issues toward a more effective implementation of Ottawa’s Housing and Homelessness Strategy similar to that undertaken by the City of Toronto.

The 333 Montreal proposal also presents major concerns regarding existing bylaws and planning principles based on the City’s review and public consultations in 2008 in regard to the location of shelters in the city. An independent report to the City has highlighted that shelter rules are being misconstrued for the benefit of the proposed development and not in line with the city planning policies regarding shelter locations. The VCA believes the SA proposal, as presented, will set a concerning precedent not only for Vanier, but for every single community in the City of Ottawa. Thus, we would like to invite Community Associations from across Ottawa to meet with the VCA on Thursday, October 12th from 6:00 to 8 pm at 290 Dupuis St. to discuss the Housing First model, a city-wide strategy and how you can support us to ensure that such a proposed project does not happen in any community in Ottawa. For more information, please contact the VCA

October 2016

Statement on Rideau-High

The Vanier Community Association (VCA) supports Rideau High School remaining open as a local option for our young people. As a vibrant multicultural school with a focus on supporting our new immigrant and Indigenous populations, Rideau High School has been a part of our community’s fabric for decades. The VCA encourages residents to write to school board trustees about your reasons for keeping Rideau High open. Their email address are as follows: (Trustee for Rideau),,,,,,,,,,,

Letter for customizing

Also, plan to attend the meeting on February 15 where the closure will be discussed by trustees. The VCA will be speaking at the meeting.

Wednesday, February 15 at 6 pm. 133 Greenbank Rd. Free busses will leave from Rideau High School at 5:30 pm sharp (and will return after the meeting).

Map of Rideau High catchment area

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