Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.

The VCA is a completely volunteer-run organization. The more people step up to help out, the more impact we can have on our community! There are so many ways to pitch in. Our most pressing current needs are listed below – if you don’t see something that matches your interests, contact us anyway! We always need help with committees, events, advocacy, and more.

Current volunteer roles

Fundraising and sponsorship committee member: Looking for you Vanier loud-and-proud folks, to help us get our brand-new fundraising and sponsorship committee off the ground this summer.  Obtaining donations, grants, and sponsorships will help the VCA expand our reach and do more cool stuff for our community. If you have experience in sales, promotion, or fundraising that’s awesome, but enthusiasm is the most important quality! (multiple spots available).

Public Art Rep: Help us nurture Vanier’s growing reputation as an arts hub. Monitor opportunities for new public art, coordinate with the City and developers on public art and placemaking, and help identify community representation on juries for public art competitions.

Heritage coordinator: History and architecture buffs, take note! Help us identify opportunities to protect Vanier’s built and natural heritage and to develop heritage place-making! We are looking for someone to: coordinate VCA engagement with City and developers on heritage including to propose heritage designations under the provincial Heritage Act; and promote Vanier’s heritage including through liaison with Museoparc and other organizations.

Tabling (Events): With the arrival of spring/summer comes safe outdoor events where VCA can set up a table to meet and recruit more neighbours to join us!  Help us get this organized and spend some time enjoying the sunshine, chatting with people and sharing information (multiple spots available).

We are committed to establishing a volunteer group that is reflective of the diverse population we serve