Cool Things to Do

  1. Find and admire all the murals in Vanier.
  2. Visit one of the oldest buildings in Vanier, St. Margaret’s Church (206 Montréal Rd) where Inuit residents can attend a service in Inuktitut on Sundays at 11:30.
  3. Visit Canada’s only urban Sugar Shack  as soon as it’s rebuilt (Richelieu Park).
  4. Have a picnic in one of Vanier’s 11 parks.
  5. Visit our Community Garden (Richelieu-Vanier Community Centre).
  6. Introduce yourself to our Community Police Officer.
  7. Bring the kids to a splash pad in St-Ambroise Park or Nault Park.
  8. Enjoy one of our newly revitalized parks (Riverain, Optimist).
  9. Take yourself on a nature walk in Richelieu Park and discover over 30 writers hiding along the Author’s Path.
  10. Enjoy outdoor skating.
  11. Visit the Wabano Centre.
  12. Have fun at our Winter Carnival and Après-snow.
  13. Pedal your way through Vanier’s Franco-Ontarien history – borrow a bike from VéloVanier if you don’t have one!
  14. Visit the site of the former Beamish Store.
  15. Join Vanier’s Neighbourhood Watch Program.
  16. Attend Beechwood East Feast.
  17. Visit the commemorative plaque at the Corner of North River Rd. and Montreal Rd. along the shoreline.
  18. Visit the Vanier Museopark.
  19. Visit Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto and light a candle.
  20. Attend the St Jean Baptiste Festival.
  21. Participate in a Vanier Community Association monthly meeting.
  22. Join Vanier’s Great Clean-up (bi-annual).
  23. Have pancakes at the annual SugarFest.
  24. Enjoy Movies in the Park.
  25. Have fun at the Halloween Fun Zones.
  26. Visit the Cenotaph / Remembrance Day Parade (departure from the Eastview Legion).
  27. Shop local under the sun at the Beechwood Market in Optimist Park.
  28. Donate to the Partage Vanier food bank.
  29. Go to the annual Snowflake breakfast.
  30. Support some of Vanier’s many black-owned businesses.
  31. Plant flowers and get some new ones at our annual plant exchange.
  32. Visit the Vanier Community Services Centre (Vanier CSC).
  33. Find Vanier’s Little Free Libraries.
  34. Attend a French Heritage walk.
  35. Have a laugh at Shakespeare in the Park.
  36. Join in a VCA walkabout.
  37. Find the 20+ painted electrical boxes.
  38. Practice your French in Vanier.
  39. Check out the Community Hub on Marier in the summer – skateboarding, roller skating jams, dance battles, bbq’s, music – there’s always something new!
  40. Visit the Bradley Square.
  41. Join Jane’s Walk (Vanier).
  42. Visit the Carré de la Francophonie de Vanier.
  43. Find the miniature Smurf garden.
  44. Walk across the Adàwe footbridge.
  45. Rest by the Rideau River.
  46. Go for a swim in one of our public pools.
  47. Buy a book at Vanier’s annual book sale.
  48. Check out a book from the Vanier public library.
  49. Halloween, Deck the Halls, and visit the decorated houses.
  50. Attend a live music at the Royal Canadian Legion.